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Improving organizational performance through Malcolm Baldrige business excellence framework

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dc.contributor.advisor Perera, C Illangasooriya, MM 2014-05-31T17:56:23Z 2014-05-31T17:56:23Z 2014-05-31
dc.description.abstract Global competition is the name of the game today. The pressure of competition is being felt with increasing intensity as the world opens up to trade and commerce in the post World Trade Organization (WTO) regime (Bhaumik, 1999). Although in such a competitive environment, companies are under tremendous pressure to offer consistent quality of international standard at a competitive price to provide value for money competition has contributed to the economic growth of a nation. While examining the smallest elements of competition, Garelli (2004) has described competition and competitiveness as the two faces of the same coin. According to him, competition is an external and environmental factor and competitiveness is an intrinsic feature of an entity that can be developed and nurtured. In today’s perspectives, competitiveness has become a fundamental force in economics like gravity in physics. Competitiveness, being a multi-dimensional concept, can be enhanced through many ways. An effective and proven way is through the quality way, which is a major source for creating sustainable competitive advantage for organizations (Sanjib, 2007). It was found there were different business excellence models that are available to evaluate business excellence through the literature, but it was selected “Malcolm Baldrige Business Excellence Framework” as to critically evaluate how its implementation affected on the organizational competitiveness of OREL MFG (Pvt) Ltd which carries its brand name as Orange Electric in 2007/08. This research was commissioned to investigate the “Organizational Competitiveness through Malcolm Baldrige Business Excellence Framework” in 2007/08 financial year and it was proven that there was an impact on the business performance after the successful implementation of the model. Once the impact was identified, it was found the top most important critical success factors that supported the company to be successful like that through a questionnaire made based on Malcolm Baldrige Business Excellence Framework (MBBEF), distributed within the company. On time customer resolution, Business process reengineering (BPR), online performance monitoring system, Supply Chain Management (SCM), zero impact on society upon Orange’s products, monthly performance reviews, corporate social responsibility, seeking innovation is company value, perfection in financial management and customer relationship management (CRM) were identified as top most important strategies implemented during the period. Once the critical success factors were identified, the Orange Electric’s strategies implemented under each strategy was recognized and elaborated throughout the research. en_US
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dc.subject MANAGEMENT OF TECHNOLOGY - Dissertation en_US
dc.title Improving organizational performance through Malcolm Baldrige business excellence framework en_US
dc.type Thesis-Abstract en_US
dc.identifier.faculty Engineering en_US MBA en_US
dc.identifier.department Department of Management of Technology en_US 2011
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