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Towards a strategy for urban land development in relation to land use in the Western Province of Sri lanka

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dc.description.abstract This study i o ooncernoii witi. tho i d e n t i f i c a t i on of vrbon land prebleae and sone recoamendatione specially towardo a strategy for urban land development in r e l a t i o n to land uno in the Western Jroviftce of iiri Lanka. Tho d i s s e r t a t i o n i e in 4 p o r t s compriairzg of 8 Chapters. J>art 1 deals with the eatiatin£ s e t t i n g of the Western province with a view to identifyinc urban land proMeas «sa& examine p o l i c i e s r e l a t i ng t o tsroen land u s e . Chaptor 1 esoainos the General Background of the Study region with record to i t s location, physical oharaeteritrtiOBj the history of i t s dfivolonnr'-iiit, denocraphic c t o a e t e r i o t i e e and Land Use. Chaptor 2 exazainoo th© General B^ck^rouiid c€ the Caeo fcUudy -iiroae. Chapter 3 reviews P o l i c i e s , Plane and i-roeraanea in the jjti;&y i\rca e s p e c i a l l y pertaining to Urben Land Use. Pert 2 reviews the Theoretic.! frcsuoxjork of Urfear. Land L'se in Chapter 4. The patterns of Urbon Land Uoe, Goals and ODjacfcivoc of a Land-^so Policy, strategy options in Land-Use planning are dealt uith, to r e l a t e to t.;.e ilestern Iroeince situation in Pert 3. Part 3 comprises the analytical section. Chapter 5 discue&eo the nati-e and magnitude of proLiofne, potoritialo m£ ocr.titrcAntQ r e l a t e d to Urhir. Lar.d-Lua in tho £&tt&y iiroa a r i s i n g out of the oxiatint, p a t t e r n , Chapter 6 analyses tho Jtmpe.ote «;*d I m p l i c a t i o n of <;.,,.';. P o l i c i e s on urban lund proolerco and tho attainment of Goals and Objectives. Chapter 7 revieifs urban land prooleoe in other countries and r o l i c i e c adopted and attempted rer.odloe. taking a few c i t i e s as omaples8 a l l of which loads t o conolitsicnB and straloey proposals for the study area in Part 19. Chapter 8 in part IV contains conclusionc of the study and otrctc&y proposals* Chart 1 shows structure.of Study p . . / 5 . . .. en_US
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dc.title Towards a strategy for urban land development in relation to land use in the Western Province of Sri lanka en_US
dc.type Thesis-Abstract en_US
dc.identifier.faculty Architecture en_US MSc en_US
dc.identifier.department The Department of Town and Country Planning en_US 1980
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