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A Critical examination of traditional spaces in high desity housing and neighbourhoods

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dc.description.abstract Man is a conscious animal, who tends to respond directly to his surrounding environment. He eventually converses with his surroundings. He features and event respond to and reacts against them, thus making him self of that environment. In other wards he always tries to adjust him self for new experiences of different places. It is believe that the transitional spaces is the environment help him in this adjustment.According to the Oxford dictionary transition is "passage or change from one place or state or act or set of circumstances to another" spaces which allow such changes to take place could thus termed as "Transitional spaces". They denote a "change of condition" from one situation to another imposing an important psychological effect on people existence of a "Transitional space" has been considered as are of the essential features, where two different qualities in environment are happened to marry. In place where such transitional spaces are lacking or poorly designed, enormous pressures are found to be brought on the user and on this activity pattern as well. Urban high density housing and neighborhoods is one such examples in which this phenomenon is apparted. Growing urban population and increasing land value has become the major contributing factors in this deprivation of transitional spaces. Every square inch of land is found to be valued in terms of rupees and cents leaving the quality of the place and comfort of the user totally ignored. This study thus aims at examining the value of transitional spaces as a mean of creating a "successful" neighborhood. Further in attempts to point out ill effects of deprivation of such spaces for the mere purpose of achieving benefit in monotony other quantitative terms
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dc.title A Critical examination of traditional spaces in high desity housing and neighbourhoods
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dc.identifier.department Department of Architecture en_US 1998
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