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A methodology for selecting and assigning contractors for construction projects in the Mahaweli Development Programme

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dc.contributor.advisor Gunawardena, ND Premakumara, PHH 2011-02-23T12:19:24Z 2011-02-23T12:19:24Z
dc.description.abstract Most of the construction works in the Mahaweli Development Project have been carried out through crash programmes. Even though, the project planning is vital for the economical and successful completion of any construction project this important aspect has not been given due recognition during the execution of downstream development works of the Mahaweli project. Instead of the proper project planning, the experience and knowledge of the Engineering staff with regard to the works and the performance of the contractors have been used for allocating works for the contractors. Although, this has resulted in achieving the targets of the scheduled programme, in many cases there have been failures too. Three models were developed for selecting and assigning contractors for three types of contracts used in the Mahaweli Development Project namely, Tendered Contracts, Fixed Rate Contracts and Labour Contracts. So far, no action has been taken to measure the performance level of the contractors and the performance standards to be maintained in respect of construction works in achieving the targets which are the main factors considered in the above models. As these are the most significant factors used in planning a construction project, this study reveals that the collection of performance data of contractors will be very useful in carring out future projects of similar nature. This research project also investigates the ways and means of determining the performance standards of different contractors as well as the standards of performance required by different construction activities for timely completion of the completion of the projects. Furthermore, recommendations are made regarding techniques that could be adopted for various types of contracts encountered in projects of a similar nature.
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dc.title A methodology for selecting and assigning contractors for construction projects in the Mahaweli Development Programme
dc.type Thesis-Abstract
dc.identifier.faculty Engineering en_US MEng en_US
dc.identifier.department Department of Civil Engineering en_US
dc.identifier.accno 67986 en_US

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