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Suggestions to implement Integrated solid waste management plan in Galle Municipal Council area

Show simple item record Abhayawardana, GPR Dayanthi, WKCN Hapilan, S Kuhathasan, A Perera, SVADRR 2013-11-12T19:30:00Z 2013-11-12T19:30:00Z 2013-11-13
dc.description.abstract The present practice of solid waste management (SWM) in the Galle Municipal Council (GMC) area is not adequate to meet the 18 tons of daily SW generation. Hence the suitability of implementing Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) was studied by characterizing SW of the area and studying carefully the current practice. The study revealed that SW was mostly organic with a percentage ranging from 49 to 94 with relatively high moisture content. There was a notable decrease of organic content and an increase of the inorganic content in comparison to previous years. Though the highest calorific value (CV) which was 18 MJ/kg is less than that of normal fuels, fuel generation can be implemented through the production process of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF). The key suggestions are source separation, introduction of composting and anaerobic digestion for all the biodegradable waste, introduction of recycling options for recyclables and an engineered landfill for the inert matter. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject Solid waste en_US
dc.subject Biodegradable en_US
dc.subject Non-biodegradable en_US
dc.subject Composting en_US
dc.subject Integrated solid waste management en_US
dc.title Suggestions to implement Integrated solid waste management plan in Galle Municipal Council area en_US
dc.type Conference-Full-text en_US
dc.identifier.year 2012 en_US
dc.identifier.conference International Symposium on Advances in Civil and Environment Engineering practices for sustainable development en_US Faculty of Engineering - University Of Ruhuna. Galle en_US
dc.identifier.pgnos 190-196 en_US en_US

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