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An integrated model for the design of air-cooled chiller plants for commercial buildings

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dc.description.abstract Cooling load calculation is the first step in designing the air-conditioning system of a building. The calculated cooling capacity with appropriate buffer is then used to select the number and size of chillers in the system. Nþ 1 is a common formula used by designers to size the chiller plants in Hong Kong buildings, where N is the actual number of chillers required and 1 is a redundant chiller provided to ensure reliability. This paper reviews the problem of excess capacity and discusses the risk exposure of chiller systems without redundant chillers. The cooling load profiles of the chiller plants of four medium-sized commercial buildings inHong Kongare reviewed. The risk exposure of chiller systemswithout redundant chillers can be minimized byapplying risk-based preventive maintenance. The just-in-demand design reduces capital cost of the building and frees up funds for continuous energy measurement and improving the energy efficiency of chiller plant systems. This paper presents a model for designing chiller plants that improves the energy efficiency of the plant in a cost effective and thoughtful manner. It is designed with consideration of the life cycle of the plant and real-time continuous commissioning, monitoring, measurement, comparison and execution for better energy managemen
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dc.subject Air-cooled screw chillers
dc.subject Commercial buildings
dc.subject Chiller plant sizing
dc.subject Energy audit
dc.subject Redundancy
dc.subject Reliability
dc.title An integrated model for the design of air-cooled chiller plants for commercial buildings
dc.type Article-Full-text
dc.identifier.year 2011
dc.identifier.journal Building and Environment|
dc.identifier.issue 1
dc.identifier.volume 46
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dc.identifier.pgnos 196-209

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