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dc.description.abstract Design practice and artifacts in engineering design organizations can be ordered along four orthogonal dimensions, namely (i) the principle of ordering (top down vs bottom up), (ii) the structure of ordering(aggregation-decomposition vs generalization-specialization), (iii) the breadth of ordering (diversity vs parsimony) and (iv) the perspective of ordering (horizontal vs historical). Four case histories of design organizations are used to illustrate the above and also to demonstrate the tension (either in conjunction or in cyclic sequence) and/or balance between the extremes of the above dimensions. Mechanisms for creating a balance or tension between bottom up generation and top down influence are proposed
dc.language en
dc.subject case studies
dc.subject communication
dc.subject information design
dc.subject interdisciplinarity
dc.subject top down & bottom up
dc.title Dimensions of order in engineering design organizations
dc.type Article-Abstract
dc.identifier.year 2003
dc.identifier.journal Design Studies
dc.identifier.issue 4
dc.identifier.volume 24
dc.identifier.pgnos 357-373

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