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Effect of method of stabilization on aqueous extraction of rice bran oil

Show simple item record Amarasinghe, BMWPK Kumarasiri, MPM Gangodavilage, NC 2013-10-21T02:29:03Z 2013-10-21T02:29:03Z
dc.description.abstract Rice bran oil is widely used in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries due to its unique properties and high medicinal value. In this study aqueous extraction of rice bran oil from rice bran available in Sri Lanka, was studied. Key factors controlling the extraction and optimal operating conditions were identified. Several methods of bran stabilization were tested and the results were analyzed. The yield and quality of aqueous extracted oil was compared with hexane extracted oil. Aqueous extraction experiments were conducted in laboratory scale mixer–settler unit. Steaming, hot air drying, chemical stabilization and refrigeration better controls the lipase activity compared to solar drying. Steaming is the most effective stabilization technique. The extraction capacity was highest at solution pH range 10–12. Higher oil yield was observed at higher operating temperatures (60–80 °C). Kinetic studies revealed that extraction was fast with 95% or more of the extraction occurring within first 10–15 min of contact time. Parboiling of paddy increases the oil yield. Highest oil yield of 161 and 131 mg/g were observed for aqueous extraction of parboiled bran and raw rice bran respectively. The aqueous extracted oil was low in free fatty acid content and color compared to hexane extracted rice bran oil and other commonly used oils. Major lipid species in rice bran oil were oleic, linoleic and palmitic.
dc.language en
dc.subject Rice bran oil
dc.subject Aqueous extraction
dc.subject Stabilization
dc.title Effect of method of stabilization on aqueous extraction of rice bran oil
dc.type Article-Abstract
dc.identifier.year 2009
dc.identifier.journal Food and Bioproducts Processing
dc.identifier.issue 2
dc.identifier.volume 87
dc.identifier.pgnos 108-114

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