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Preparation of the stormwater drainage management plan for Matara municipal council

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dc.description.abstract Matara Municipal Coynes I aw had tccn experiencing stormwater drainage probli?ins causing inconvenience to public interruption to work and damage to property. Though I he Mataro Municipal Council (MMQ had carried out a project in 3l)01 to develop its drainage canals, there were many cases of flooding svithin its boundary Limits, In order to achieve a suitable plan for storm waiter drainage management, the present work carried out an analysis of the associated stormwater drainage system. Systematic field data collection activities were done to identify the flood problem of the area, and to capture sufficient details of terrain and drainages. CPS surveys were conducted to identify the road and drainage alignments. A main feature of the study was the conduct of a road drainage survey which among many other details captured drainage directions along arid across the roads. This survey helped to rationally identify the undulations in the terrain to generate the digital terrain mode] for the generation of stream network and delineation of watersheds. The 1:10,000 elevation data supported by the field wurk information showed the capability to genera|e a representative topography for storm water drainage assessments. Analysis aisn usod a simple Geographic Information System to prioritise criiical flood affected areas and enabled identification of critical watersheds for engineering interventions. The present canal system was evaluated with that generated by the model and several sections were identified for early drainage designs these locations were verified in Lhe field. Present work identified that in the IVIMC area of roads coincide with the stream network indicating a loading of street stormwater drains with runoff generation as a result of terrain changes affected at individual compounds. 164 identified flood locations were analysed with drainage directions and surrounding elevations supported by detailed engineering inspections at Specific locations to provide short term solutions. The study made recommendations with respect to development plan approval procedures, preparation of a suitable stormwater drainage database and the need of guidelines for developers to mitigate stormwater drainage problems as part of the long term solutions.
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dc.subject Terrain Model
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dc.subject Field Survey
dc.title Preparation of the stormwater drainage management plan for Matara municipal council
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dc.identifier.year 2011
dc.identifier.journal ENGINEER
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