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Optimal transmission pricing with generation uncertainty and transmission losses

Show simple item record Wijayatunga, PDC Cory, B 2013-10-21T02:28:43Z 2013-10-21T02:28:43Z
dc.description.abstract A technique to include uncertainties in generation availability in transmission price calculations based on the optimal pricing methodology and probabilistic production costing methodolog) is proposed. The method considers the possible outages of generators and their elTect on meeting the system load and, thus, on the transmission prices. Transmission losses in the problem formulation are considered. A case study is presented using the IEEE 24-busbar reliability test system, where the effect of the proposed technique and that of transmission losses on the optimal transmission prices are demonstrated. It is concluded that the inclusion of generation uncertainty and proper treatment of transmission losses is an important part in the calculation of transmission charges and the presented model provides a possible approach in this regard
dc.language en
dc.title Optimal transmission pricing with generation uncertainty and transmission losses
dc.type Article-Abstract
dc.identifier.year 2003
dc.identifier.issue 1
dc.identifier.volume 150
dc.identifier.pgnos 73-77

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