Show simple item record Kulasekere, EC Premaratne, K Dewasurendra, DA Shyu, ML Bauer, PH 2013-10-21T02:28:33Z 2013-10-21T02:28:33Z
dc.description.abstract A new interpretation of Dempster–Shafer conditional notions based directly upon the mass assignments is provided. The masses of those propositions that may imply the complement of the conditioning proposition are shown to be completely annulled by the conditioning operation; conditioning may then be construed as a re-distribution of the masses of some of these propositions to those that definitely imply the conditioning proposition. A complete characterization of the propositions whose masses are annulled without re-distribution, annulled with re-distribution and enhanced by the re-distribution of masses is provided. A new evidence updating strategy that is composed of a linear combination of the available evidence and the conditional evidence is also proposed. It enables one to account for the integrity’ and inertia’ of the available evidence and its flexibility’ to updating by appropriate selection of the linear combination weights. Several such strategies, including one that has a probabilistic interpretation, are also provided.
dc.language en
dc.subject Evidential reasoning
dc.subject Dempster–Shafer theory
dc.subject Distributed decision networks
dc.subject Conditioning evidence
dc.subject Updating evidence
dc.title Conditioning and updating evidence
dc.type Article-Abstract
dc.identifier.year 2004
dc.identifier.journal International Journal of Approximate Reasonin
dc.identifier.issue 1
dc.identifier.volume 36
dc.identifier.pgnos 75-108

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