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dc.description.abstract This paper describes the research carried out to develop a geopolymer concrete based on alkali activated Fly Ash by Sodium Hydroxide with Sodium Silicate . Tests were carried out to investigate the properties of geopolymer paste, mortar and concrete varying different parameters to obtain optimum mix proportion. Higher values of compressive strength was recorded for all three forms compared to Ordinaty Portland Cement concrete within a lesser time period and results indicated that the higher water content within all three forms had an adverse impact on the compressive strength. Even with these advantages the main drawback was the curing method and the curing time which was essential for the polymerization process and it was found out that only half of the compressive strength of the heat cured sample urn achievable when it was kept under room temperature for 28 days. Most of the results were very promising and showed a great potential for this material as a substitute for Ordinaty Portland Cement concrete.
dc.language en
dc.title Development of fly ash based geopolymer concrete
dc.type Conference-Abstract
dc.identifier.year 2011
dc.identifier.conference Excellence in Research, Excelling a Nation Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa
dc.identifier.pgnos 75-77
dc.identifier.proceeding 17th Annual Research Symposium on Excellence in Research, Excelling a Nation

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