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dc.description.abstract Assembling of nemal networks refened to as "Ensemble nemal networks·· consist with many small "expei1 networks" that leam small parts of the complex problem. which are established by decomposing it into its sub leYels. Ensemble nemal network architecnue has been proposed to so lYe complex problems with large munbers of variables. In this paper. this architecture is used to analyze maintainability risks ofhigh-rise buildings. An ensemble neural network that consists with four expert networks to represent four building elements namely roof. fa<;:ade. basement and intemal areas is deYeloped to forecast the maintenance efficiency (ME) of buildings. The model is tested and the results showed good performance. The model is fmther validated using a real case study.
dc.language en
dc.subject Ensemble neural networks
dc.subject Maimenance
dc.subject Risk analysis
dc.subject Artificial neural networks
dc.title Architecture of ensemble neural networks for risk analysis
dc.type Conference-Abstract
dc.identifier.year 2012
dc.identifier.conference 48th ASC Ammal International Conference Birmingham City University, England

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