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Development of technology transfer model and its application to Sri Lanka

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dc.description.abstract Newly developed technology is being obtained by the developing countries from the developed countries to achieve their nation's competitiveness and sustainable socio economic development. For general technology transfer activities technology transfer model is being used by this developing nations. This research was carried out to find out the applicability of already developed technology transfer models to Sri Lankan apparel industry. For the research, deductive research methodology was used with the participation of twenty and only selected sample populations.// During the literature survey process, literatures about several technology transfer models were found and consequences of transferring technology using these models were analyzed .Certain technology transfer models were used to hardware, hurnan ware, orga ware and in for ware technology transfer (integrated technology transfer) activities, while some model shave given much concern about individual technology component transfer process.// Sample population has been divided in to two groups as large scale companies and small &medium scale companies. In large scale apparel manufacturing sector, it was observed that these companies generally abide to certain dynamics of already developed technology transfer model. It seems that these companies follows the technology planning ,technology transferring and technology post implementation phase of already developed model .In small and medium scale companies, it was observed totally negative result with respect to technology planning phase while saw adequate involvement with technology transfer phase and post technology implementation phase. On the other hand, results show that both large scale and small & medium scale companies do not follow, before and after technology transfer requirement like technology capability assessment and technology benchmarking respectively.// Based on this finding and the conclusion, it is recommended that to use the integrative technology transfer model during the technology transfer activities, to bring about the all component of technology transfer during the technology transfer process.
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dc.title Development of technology transfer model and its application to Sri Lanka
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