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Upgradation of the quality of training of executive branch cadets in Sri Lanka Navy : a study focused on the area of trainer capability in ASW, communication, gunnery, navigation

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dc.description.abstract "A senior advisory panel to United States Department of Defense (DOD) warns in a news report that current training of US military forces is inadequate to prepare troops for the demand that new electronic network and unmanned technologies will heap on them in the future " This is an extraction taken from the world famous defence magazine" Jane's Defence Weekly" under the heading of "US must train thinking troops" This is more than enough to understand the real scenario in the world and to such a powerful Navy where the technology has being played a deciding role. So it is timely to review, to find out where we are and where we should be as the sea faring arms of defending the country. At present, it is an accepted fact that the Sri Lankans are experiencing a little bit of calm and quiet situation in the country, especially in North and East. All Sri Lankans were suffering badly for the last two decades from the insurgency situation, which was against Tamil rebels called LTTE. During this war the SriLanka Navy carried out an indispensable role to safeguard the dignity, territorial integrity and the sovereignty of the Nation. The experience in recent times by the Navy was not one of total success to be proud of. There were failures too. It has been found that the technology has played a key role during all these events. Further these successes or failures of those events depend on the people who bear a higher weightage of responsibility. The people who wear these ranks on their shoulders are the key figures of all the three security forces. Out of those key figures of the Navy, mostly the people who belong to the executive branch had the direct involvement with the enemy and others gave their fullest dedication to the key executives to carryout their role. It is a fact that to expect a highest standard of success, the failures must be eliminated. As per the professionals in this field, these successes or failure mostly depend on the morale, excellence decision-making, battle experiences, use of sophisticated equipments, continuous training, mental condition, efficient direction and etc.... Out of all above, the training is a far most important factor even by it's definition as it is a "Planned programme designed to improve performance and to bring about measurable changes in knowledge, skills, attitudes and social behavior of employees for during a particular job " as per Mr. Biswajeet Pattanayak a management expert and a famous author in Management in India. But the training is always inefficient if the trainers are not capable enough up to the expected standard. So in this research the focus has been made directly on the trainers of the cadet officer training and further it is pointed on the capability of the trainers in the areas of Anti- Submarine Warfare, Communication, Gunnery and Navigation. The history of training in Sri Lanka Navy goes back to the 2 n d world war. But it was limited to the training of sailors and further those were done specifically to achieve the imminent necessity. The formal training programme of Sri Lanka Navy started on 04th February 1948, with the independence of the country. In fact the training of officer ranks for Sri Lanka Navy under Sri Lankan flag started in the year 1950 with the re-structuring of Royal Naval volunteer reserve to the Royal Ceylon Navy. This training was done at the Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth in United Kingdom. From the year I960 Sri Lanka Navy started its comprehensive training pragrammes including the training of officer ranks in Trincomalee after the establishment of the Naval and Maritime Academy. Till to date it is the only Naval Training institute in the country for training of officers for the Sri Lanka Navy in the country. So the capable and competent trainers of officer ranks are at the Naval and Maritime Academy in this research in Trincomalee.
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dc.title Upgradation of the quality of training of executive branch cadets in Sri Lanka Navy : a study focused on the area of trainer capability in ASW, communication, gunnery, navigation
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