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Analysis of international technology transfer experiences in ceylon electricity board and development of technology transfer model

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dc.contributor.advisor Hussain, A.L.Z. 2011-03-28T07:35:59Z 2011-03-28T07:35:59Z
dc.description.abstract The data analysis revealed fascinating results with respect to both technological capabilities as well as technology components within the CEB. Furthermore, the technology transfer experiences were analyzed using a few case studies which provide some insights into the success and failures of technology transfers in CEB. Technological Capabilities of CEB was found to be in advanced status for both Converting and Acquiring capabilities while Vending, Modifying and Innovating Capabilities remain to be only in secondary status. In the process of assessing of the Technology Components the researcher has found that the Techno ware, Human ware-Specific Info ware (HSI), Or aware- Specific Info ware (OSI) were above average level while other process technology components such as Human ware, Or aware and Techno ware-Specific Info ware (TSI) were below average level. Finally from the research finding several guidelines were proposed in order to overcome many issues discussed above. The main vital issues found were the development of in-house human ware capability and the or aware capability for successful technology transfer. Choice of appropriate technologies and technology transfer in very early stage of CEB has smoothly and successfully taken place mainly through foreign funded projects on Turnkey basis. Laxapana and the Accelerated Mahaweli programmed are good examples. But, later on the environments for technology transfer seem to be not very conducive and created many barriers for the acquisitions appropriate technologies. Proposed Upper Kotare hydro electric project and Coal power project at Norochcholai are well known examples hence there are many barriers in implementing those projects as planned, and resulted in the CEB to face many problems. Those problems have become very severe since 1990s. Choice and acquisition of appropriate technologies for the power generation has been the prime issue. Consequence was "Power Crises" and subsequently "Financial Crises" which are found to be cause and effect for each other. Hence the choice of appropriate technologies which are suitable for Sri Lankan context and acquiring them through proper means of technology transfer mechanisms would resolve many of those problems. Therefore, it was decided to study the major causes and barriers which prevent CEB to acquire appropriate technology in timely manner. Hence this research project investigated and analyzed the barriers faced by CEB in acquiring appropriate technology for power generation and assessed the technology transfer experiences, analyzed the problems faced and identified factors affecting technology transfer at CEB. The major barriers for successful technology transfer to the CEB both internal and external have been analyzed using the model containing conceptual framework for effective technology transfer developed in this report. According to this model, the seven key elements were examined in depth so that the major barriers affecting the technology transfer were systematically identified. Many barriers which were identified during literature survey were tested with regard to Sri Lankan context such as General, Institutional, Political,Technological, Economic, Informational, Financial and Cultural barriers. Further actions to overcome the barriers are also addressed in the report. In addition, the report proposes someof the "Appropriate Technologies" which are feasible in Sri Lankan context.
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dc.title Analysis of international technology transfer experiences in ceylon electricity board and development of technology transfer model
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dc.identifier.faculty Engineering en_US MBA en_US
dc.identifier.department Department of Management of Technology en_US 2005-11
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