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dc.description.abstract This Dissertation calls attention to the evidence of a perfectly interconnected system of all the creations o f existence on earth. Perceiving this interconnectedness has been established as the destination of "Dwelling", the manner in which we, the human beings exist within this system. The recognition of this oneness or unity of all is considered universal and spelled out as the summum bonum of existence. Architecture, a fundamental aspect of dwelling, is determined as a process converging upon this selfsame ultimate goal implying it to exist harmoniously within the system of existence. At this juncture, a perceptual framework is brought in which personifies the site, nature or the system of existence, and treats the world as a 'being" or a 'consciousness'. Subsequently, the nature is distinguished as a pre-existing place which has it's qualitative, intangible total phenomenon, it's own guardian spirit, parallel to a human being, which is termed the "spirit of place' or 'Genius loci' in Latin. Capturing this spirit of a place is distinguished as the key to penetrate the system o f existence. The task of the Architect is demonstrated as penetrating this system by means of concretizing the spirit of a place in to buildings or man made places. In view of that, the building or the man made place is recognized as a tool or a device conducing to the perception o f unity, which is the ulterior motive of Architecture. The essay distinguishes our era as a dark era o f spiritual crisis, where the authentic qualitative values of dwelling and Architecture are being fatefully covered up by the illusive, self-centered, divisive worldview of mankind. The present human being is identified as an unbalanced being who has lost his unity - the supreme ideal of existence. Thus, the essay stresses on the need of regaining the lost unity in order to safeguard our world from the massive catastrophe, to which it is heading rapidly.
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dc.subject HOUSES
dc.subject DWELLINGS
dc.title Concept of unity in Architecture : the manifestation on spirit of place
dc.type Thesis-Abstract
dc.identifier.faculty Architecture en_US MSc en_US
dc.identifier.department Department of Architecture en_US 2002
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