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Achieving a unified image: merging of the pollarities between inside and outside of the contemporary urban house

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dc.description.abstract In the past, the life pattern was not so stressful, with mental and physical diseases as today. The primary reason is. the rapidly developing industrial and commercial situation, which neglects the human need to nourish the soul. Density, compact hashed living environments due to, Limited Land with no time to relax, is the secondary out come. In latter, speed generates, monotonous life and surroundings. However, human being is moveable and variable. Then he is unable to bear, stable, unchangeable quality, which creates alienation, it spawned neuroses, and stress related illness and physical diseases. Earlier surrounding of human beings was changeable, with magical outer spaces that provided renewal instead of, monotony space as today. Primitive man constantly was, nourishing from that, out side world while collecting food, living and hunting. Etc. . Those activities were not separated part of nature, but part and parcel of nature. In the contemporary situation man has separated from nature. This quality of division of life generates confusion. Anthony Lawlor, illustrate that. "The split between human beings and nature, mind nnd bndy. spirit and matter has generated damaging conflict at every level of life. " Anthony Lawer, 1994, Pg IX It therefore becomes clear, detachment from out side world that generates lack of wholesome quality arouses of precedent problems existent today. Yet it is the house, that man build that separated him from outside. There was a different reason for that is to region the protection he received from this mother's womb.
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dc.subject URBAN HOUSES
dc.title Achieving a unified image: merging of the pollarities between inside and outside of the contemporary urban house
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dc.identifier.department Department of Architecture en_US 2002
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