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dc.description.abstract Thousands and thousands of different species live on earth and each of them contribute to earth's' survival in one way or another. Man is one out of so many other species, yet it is amazing to find out man alone , dominate , control , change and interpret everything on earth as he wishes . Aesthetics , nature , philosophies, even God is perceived through mans eye - his minds' eye.Everything is man made on earth and even beyond that. Spirit of place is the resultant expression, of interaction between context and man's conceptions .Landscape and other features of the place is much a help to create a spirit , yet it is there to be perceived by man with his all the senses which words cannot be explained. Spirit of place is rather a complicated concept , but very important phenomenon in human life. It is this quality which arouse belongingness towards places, heals mans' soul and make him close to God. It is spirit of place persuade man, to search for truth, through the paths where he never stepped in ; and it gives birth to all fOrms of art including architecture , science , technology , philosophy and so on ...Therefore , spirit of place enlighten mans' life in many ways. Hence architecture too, because it originates through spirit of place, helps to heal, lead and guide man to search for his own self- the truth ; and make him feel close to god But such a quality is disrespected, distorted and destroyed by mans' creations . Not only that , it has been forgotten by him. such creations only leads to loss of place.
dc.format.extent 88 p., ill en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.title Spirit of place : study of the concept as a generator of architecture
dc.type Thesis-Abstract
dc.identifier.faculty Architecture en_US MSc en_US
dc.identifier.department Department of Architecture en_US 1996-06
dc.identifier.accno 66683 en_US

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