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Performance evaluation of a web based system : case study - lamp based learnorg moodle

Show simple item record Sooriyaarachchi, SJ 2012-03-17T14:49:45Z 2012-03-17T14:49:45Z
dc.description A dissertation submitted to the Dept. of Computer Science and Engineeering for the MSc in Computer Science en_US
dc.description.abstract Web based applications are widely deployed around the world for everyday activities of an average person ranging from simple entertainment to complex social, economic, political, educational and scientific tasks. LAMP that abbreviates the combination of Linux, Apache, My SQL and PHP is a popular set of technologies on which most of the web applications are deployed. Although LAMP based web applications arc deployed in millions, the question is whether the intended purposes of these applications are fulfilled satisfactorily from the end user's point of view. The response time and the server resource utilization are the most noteworthy yardsticks using which performance is quantified This study proposes a proper performance evaluation procedure and recommends an appropriate set of tools and techniques that can be used for the same. The typical method of evaluating performance is to monitor only the server side resource utilization. Many popular tools report the server resource utilization as average values over a period of few minutes whereas most of the user interactions span only for a few seconds. These average values may indicate that the servers are functioning smoothly, while the users may be suffering from poor response from the server. In contrast, this study proposes that while the response time at the user's end is being monitored, the server resources must also be tracked and analyzed. The case study of LeamOrg- Moodle is used to exemplify the proposed procedure and how the same can be extended. The popular Belief of network always being the bottleneck was not supported by the empirical results of the study. The results obtained for the •'system under study revealed that the memory can also be a resource bottleneck.
dc.format.extent viii, 81p. : ill. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject THESIS-Computer Science and Engineering
dc.subject E-LEARNING
dc.subject SOFTWARE SYSTEMS-E-Learning
dc.subject WEB BASED SYSTEMS-E-Learning
dc.title Performance evaluation of a web based system : case study - lamp based learnorg moodle
dc.type Thesis-Full-text
dc.identifier.faculty Engineering en_US MSc en_US
dc.identifier.department Dept. of Computer Science and Engineeering en_US 2010-02
dc.identifier.accno 96423 en_US

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