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dc.description A dissertation submitted to the Dept. of Town & Country Planning for the MSc in Town & Country Planning en_US
dc.description.abstract Zoning is a device of land use regulation used by many local governments in most countries. In Sri Lanka many cities are currently practicing zoning regulations. Ilk' City of Colombo practicing zoning regulations over last 20 years and recorded that zoning was unable to fulfill the present and future physical planning guidance expected. Neither it was able to segregate land uses that arc thought to incompatible or to accommodate the uses in caring and subordination of personal rights while protecting the rights of the majority or to promote land de\elopnlL'nt instead of development control. Therefore it is so argued by today that zoning is not capable enough to guide the future development of the land in urban areas in Sri Lankan cities. This dissertation at its literature examines the zoning by its meaning. objectives. principles and many spontaneous and developed models. Within the review it identifies the pros and cons of zoning and recognizes that zoning is a useful tool in implementation of development plans and to improve physical environment. strengthening urban economy. conserving ecological equilibrium and fostering social values and to guide future growth and achieve a logical pattern of land use development. In Sri Lankan Context the practice of land use zoning is empowered with many planning planning laws where some arc direct and some are incidental The urban Development Authority Law is the focal legal instrument in today in Sri Lanka supports for implementation of zoning. Based on these laws. for the City of Colombo. many development plans were prepared. Patrick Geddes Plan (1921 ). Patrick Abercrombie Plan (1949). Colombo Master Plan (1979). City of Colombo Development Plan (1985). City of Colombo Development Plan (1999).city of Colombo Development (Amendment) Plan (2008) arc some of those plans prepared. And taken by this dissertation for discussion and evaluation. The drawbacks of those development plans in terms of zoning has been accounted and found that the conceptual errors. design and implementation errors and lack of participatory mechanisms in planning and implementation has been affected for smooth implementation of zoning. Further the market forces and its impacts also play a crucial role. In
dc.format.extent ix, 57,[20]p. : col. maps & photos en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject THESIS-Town and Counrty Planning
dc.subject LAND USE, URBAN
dc.title Land use zoning as a rational decision on Urban Development
dc.type Thesis-Abstract
dc.identifier.faculty Architecture en_US MSc en_US
dc.identifier.department Department of Town & Country Planning en_US 2010-03
dc.identifier.accno 96415 en_US

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