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Reconnaissance survey to improve preparation process of tender documents in National Water Supply and Drainage Board

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dc.contributor.advisor Niranjan D.Gunawardena, Niranjan D.Gunawardena Vipulanandan, SSS 2011-07-22T06:29:25Z 2011-07-22T06:29:25Z
dc.description.abstract Preparation of tender documents is carried out as an essential activity In accomplishment of procurements. In procurement situation, improvement of work practices can predominantly take place time. Adoption of standardised practices in procurement activities facilitates continual improvement in work practices. This dissertation presents a strategy to improve tender documents in the National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB) in a systematic manner. This objective has been achieved under this study together with the identification of deficiencies in the currently adopted practices for the preparation of tender documents in NWSDB. A questionnaire survey was carried out among the engineers of NWSDB to identify such deficiencies. Analysis of results identified not only the shortcomings and drawbacks but also the areas to be improved in the current practices. Under this study, a set of proposals has been suggested as solutions for the removal of the identified shortcomings. Among the engineers of NWSDB, another questionnaire survey was carried out to validate the suggested proposals. This validation process has not only validated some of the suggested proposals but also has given feedback on some of the issues that had been originally identified as shortcomings. Statistical hypothesis testing was used to arrive at decisions in both questionnaire surveys. A set of proposals have been formulated ultimately to improve the quality of tender documents and the procedures involved in their preparation. Recommended proposals included standardisation of tender documents in NWSDB and areas that need to be given priority during their implernentation." Findings and conclusions of this study can be used to achieve process-based efficiency in NWSDB procurements. It could also be useful for other government organisations in their procurements with customisation. Key words: continual improvement, process-based efficiency, procurement, standardisation, tender document,
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.title Reconnaissance survey to improve preparation process of tender documents in National Water Supply and Drainage Board
dc.type Thesis-Abstract
dc.identifier.faculty Engineering en_US MSc en_US
dc.identifier.department Department of Civil Engineering en_US 2008
dc.identifier.accno 93892 en_US

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