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Performance of the existing trickling filter at Soysapura housing scheme

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dc.description.abstract Communities living in flats produce both liquid and solid waste in large quantities. The liquid waste is called the wastewater. This wastewater will be a potential threat to the environment. Soysapura Housing Scheme treatment plant was taken up for this research study. This plant consists of Imhoff tank, trickling filter, humus tank and sludge drying beds. In this treatment plant performance of trickling filter was selected for detailed study. Grab samples were taken from inlet of the imhoff tank, trickling filter, humus tank and from the outlet of the humus tank. Grab samples were taken from 05 30 hrs. to 19 30 hrs. in two hourly intervals. Sampling was done by having a small gap between the first set of sampling and second set of sampling with the idea to see any variation in wastewater inflow patterns over a period. From the samples collected bio-chemical oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), suspended solids (SS) and pH were determined.The performance of the trickling filter was under detail study. A relationship for organic loading and trickling filter efficiency improved with increase of organic loading. Also a relationship of COD & BOD for the influent of trickling filter was obtained. With the loading pattern, the plant could be classified as a low rate tricking filter. Also this plant could treat further additional load after carrying out the suggested improvements.The cause of trickling filter performance are discussed and areas which require futher study and development are indentified and recommendations are made for future investigations.
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dc.title Performance of the existing trickling filter at Soysapura housing scheme
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