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Sri Lankan entrepreneurs - an analysis of business environmental factors affecting entrepreneurs

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dc.contributor.advisor Wickramasinghe, V Gamakumara, AGKMA 2011-07-16T06:16:29Z 2011-07-16T06:16:29Z
dc.description.abstract Entrepreneurial activities and the environment which the entrepreneurs are surrounded by have closer relationship. If the environment is not positive for entrepreneurial activities the level of success of entrepreneurial ventures decline. This will in turn affect the environment, making it a vicious circle. This research was done in order to find out factors within Sri Lanka, which influence entrepreneurial activities in their venture startup and continuation. The sample for this research included 10 entrepreneurs from identified different industries, who started their venture based on Colombo district, within last 20 years. Data was gathered through in personal interviews. The main findings of the study show that the formal educational system in Sri Lanka does not playa significant role in either fostering entrepreneurship or providing professionals for entrepreneurial ventures in vast variety of industries. The political situation within the country does not seem to influence venture startups negatively at large, but it affects venture continuation negatively to a greater extent. The level of taxation - which is a factor in legal environment - is seen as a huge barrier by several interviewees, especially when their business was running on comparatively smaller scale. The impact of environment on entrepreneurs in different industries was analyzed and it could be seen that most of the entrepreneurs were affected negatively by the overall environment. Recommendations were drawn in this study for policy makers to focus on policy changes , on country's education system, especially to align education system and industry, and making the legal environment a favorable for entrepreneurs. Despite above all, the technological and social environment is seen as favorable for entrepreneurial ventures. Further the study showed -that prospective entrepreneurs should look for many hidden opportunities within the environment which could be exploited as new ventures. Limitations of the study include the sample being a smaller one, which the findings are unable to generalize. Identified environmental factors provide guidelines for prospective entrepreneurs and can be explored deeply within further researches in the same broad topic, Sri Lankan Entrepreneurs
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.title Sri Lankan entrepreneurs - an analysis of business environmental factors affecting entrepreneurs
dc.type Thesis-Abstract
dc.identifier.faculty Engineering en_US MBA en_US
dc.identifier.department Department of Management of Technology en_US 2008
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