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The Impact of job content and work environment on job search behavior of telecommunication engineers

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dc.contributor.advisor Wickramasinghe, V Algama, CU 2011-07-16T06:13:14Z 2011-07-16T06:13:14Z
dc.description.abstract This research was developed to investigate the Sri Lankan Telecommunication Engineers who worked in Sri Lankan Telecommunication organizations, The main objectives were to check the influence of job content and work environment to the job satisfaction. As an extension, their impact and relationships were tested against job search behaviour and turnover. Furthermore, variation of level of job satisfaction was tested with the age, tenure and occupational category. The research was based on an empirical study. A conceptual framework was developed to suite the objectives and online questionnaire was distributed. The participants' occupational categories were among the Assistant/Entry level engineers, Engineer/Executive level, Senior Engineer/Senior Executive or Managerial. The total respondents were amount to 60. The results indicated that there were considerable correlations between job content variables: task identity, job autonomy, role ambiguity, role conflict, perceived workload to the job satisfaction. The task variety, task significance, feedback from job, task analyzability did not show a statistical relationships for the job satisfaction. The work environment variables: supervisor and peer support, interaction facilitation showed positive correlation to the job satisfaction. The boundary spanning did not show a statistical relation to job satisfaction. There was enough statistical evidence to show the relationships between job satisfaction to job search behaviour and turnover intention. A considerable amount, 56.67% of the respondents said that they prefer:ed to look for a job in foreign country and perceive that they have more opportunities in foreign job market compared to Sri Lanka. The results of the research led to identify several research areas for future studies.
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.title The Impact of job content and work environment on job search behavior of telecommunication engineers
dc.identifier.faculty Engineering en_US MBA en_US
dc.identifier.department Department of Management of Technology en_US 2008
dc.identifier.accno 90767 en_US

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