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An Analysis of the current middle level engineering technology education programmes in Sri Lanka

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dc.description.abstract Basic technical education provided to fresh school leavers can be divided into four main categories according to the depths of subject matter taught and the skills involved: craft level, certificate level, diploma level and the degree level, In the Engineering fields of technical education these four categories could be distinctly identified. However, the entire workforce engaged in an engineering project is usually categorized into three levels. The personnel holding a degree or equivalent qualifications are categorized as upper level, the skilled craftsmen are categorized as the lower level. The diploma holders and the certificate holders fall into the category of middle level. This category accounts for all the jobs in between the other two levels and require both theoretical knowledge of the subject matter sufficient to interpret and appreciate designs, and skills needed in the relevant job to turnout a quality assured final product. The careers starting from foreman grades up to junior assistant engineer level could be accommodated in this group. This research aims to analyse such currently available programmes
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dc.subject Engineering Technology--Education Programmes-Sri Lanka en_US
dc.title An Analysis of the current middle level engineering technology education programmes in Sri Lanka en_US
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dc.identifier.year 2005 en_US

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