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Engineering geology of the Mahaweli G settlement systems : a research report

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dc.description.abstract A number of settlement systems are coming up under the Accelerated Mahaweli Programme, settlement systems which has aroused our research interest is the Mahaweli G where two thousand families System G occupies the area of the old Elahera colony founded in 1947 by settling 1160 families in an area of 2208 hectares. Now the This system lies in the administrative district of Polonnaruwa and is bounded on the East and South by the Ambanganga, a tributary of the river Mahaweli, in theWwest by Yoda Ela and on the North by Radavige Oya. The population of system G is 35,000. of the area is Bakamuna which is fast developing. The main town The European Economic Community has funded the settlement of a new generation, The costruction of roadways, schools, post offices and clinics will also come under their funding which adds up to 50 million Rupees. With the new Civil Engineering projects coming up it is absolutely necessary to have some engineering geological information in order to assess feasibility of proposed land-use or engineering undertaking, to select the most appropriate and method of construction, to ensure the stability of a structure and to perform the maintanance successfully
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dc.title Engineering geology of the Mahaweli G settlement systems : a research report en_US
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