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Sustainability in landscape designs with special reference to landscape materials

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dc.contributor.advisor Balasuriya, S Ekanayake, EMMS 2019-01-28T23:34:01Z 2019-01-28T23:34:01Z
dc.description.abstract In chapter 01. Environmental impacts of landscape materials used in landscape designs in Sri Lanka such as concrete, steel, timber, glass, clay and plants are described. In this chapter, the effect of exotic plants on eco systems and ecological influences of hard landscape materials are discussed. The concept of Sustainability and Sustainable Landscape Design are explained in Chapter 02. Sustainable landscape materials and techniques are further discussed in this chapter. Chapter 03 contains case studies. The traditional Sri Lankan landscape of Sigiriya and the modern Sri Lankan landscape of the Havelock city project are presented in ecological review in this chapter. The study concludes in chapter 04 by emphasizing the importance of the use of sustainable materials and techniques in landscape designs. The environmental, economic and social consequences of ignoring resource depletion, global warming and associated climate change are likely io be ;he defining world issues of the 21st century and there is a strong link between such adverse environmental change, and potential social and economic collapse. After 150 years of industrialization, the developed world is it seems, principally responsible for the higher global temperatures that we are experiencing today through increased C02 and other greenhouse gas emissions. This rise in temperature and the subsequent changes in climate are set to profoundly alter the world’s ecosystems, the places we live, and ultimately, how we live in the world. We must ensure that we move quickly to a more sustainable way of living. The term of sustainability is defined as “improving the quality of human life while living within the carrying capacity of supporting eco-systems". Unsustainable practices have badly impacted on ecosystems and environments. The use ofthe sustainability concept in the landscape industry is mainly concerned in this study. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.title Sustainability in landscape designs with special reference to landscape materials en_US
dc.type Thesis-Abstract en_US
dc.identifier.faculty Architecture en_US Master of Science in Landscape Design en_US
dc.identifier.department Department of Architecture en_US 2013-11
dc.identifier.accno TH3078 en_US

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