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Review -importance of ethanol as a fuel, advances in technology and reduction of production cost

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dc.description.abstract Abstract: Renewable energy is a key component supporting our journey towards the sustainable development. About 80% of the liquid fuel refined is consumed in transportation and hence, the challenging question is, "what is the best substitute liquid fuel instead of gasoline and diesel?" The answer is bio-ethanol and bio-diesel, respectively where ethanol is more interested. Brazil and USA are the world leaders producing ethanol with a percentage share of approximately 40% and 60% of the world total of 20,000 million gallons respectively. Brazil has been keen on sugarcane having a production cost of 365 US$/m3 while USA has been practicing com with 430 US$/m3. However with the ethical question of using edible feedstock for fuel production, lignocellulose material has recently gained a growing interest. Forest residues, agricultural wastes such as com straw & rice straw and dedicated energy plants as Poplar, Miscanthus, Switchgrass & etc. are under consideration. Feedstock pre-treatment cost and high hydrolysis cost (enzyme synthesis & low hydrolysis rate) are the main barriers in commercializing cellulose ethanol. Development of microbiology has played a major role in cost reduction and improving plants to have high feedstock production with reduced lignin 1 percentage is also in interest. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject Bio-ethanol, Sugarcane, Com, Lignocellulose, Hydrolysis, Cost of production/ Improvements in microbiology, Process technological advancement en_US
dc.title Review -importance of ethanol as a fuel, advances in technology and reduction of production cost en_US
dc.type Article-Abstract en_US
dc.identifier.year 2013 en_US
dc.identifier.journal Annual Transactions of IESL, The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka - 2013 en_US
dc.identifier.pgnos pp. 372 - 380 en_US

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