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Identification of key issues related to biomass utilization in Sri Lankan tea industry with special emphasis on regional palntation companies

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dc.contributor.advisor Attalage, RA Pathmanatha, PK 2019-01-11T23:12:32Z 2019-01-11T23:12:32Z
dc.description.abstract Energy supply has become one of the most critical issues faced by world in present context due to continuous increase in demand and also the non renewable nature of fossil fuels and subsequent environmental issues experience at present. This has created demand for alternative forms of energy which can be indigenous, cost effective and environmental friendly. This effort is to improve one of the most common non-renewable indigenous forms of energy for one of the main foreign exchange generating industry in Sri Lanka. Objectives achieved by the research focus mainly into three areas of interest. First, a situational analysis, secondly key issues faced by RPCs in utilization of biomass as source of thermal energ> finally recommendations & strategies were made at various level of operation to address these issues and enhance biomass utilization among RPCs. Research scope covers a comprehensive literature survey. Interview & discussion with sector experts, Model questionnaire & pilot survey, structured questionnaire & data collection and finally data analysis and recommendations to enhance biomass utilization. Based on the literature available, situational analysis is carried out with more emphasis to origin, growth & distribution, applications & trends and future opportunities of biomass. A well-structured questionnaire is used for data collection from 96 respondents such as factory managers, engineers, superintendents & energy experts in tea sector. Totally 77 completed questionnaire were collected. Quesfionnaire is tested for reliability using SPSS 16.0 statistical package and proven to be reliable with overall Conbranch Alpha 0.898. A commonly used statistical technique of importance index method is used for the analysis of data in this research. The key issues are then ranked using these important index values. The key issues identified by the analysis are Biomass quality issues, Issues related to lack of funding agents & high cost of investment on equipment/technology, Mechanism to promote energy plantations and Poor subsidiaries & promotions The study reveal that the best approach to enhance the utilization of biomass among tea industry is self sufficiency as far as biomass supply is concerned by formulating strategies to address key issues faced by the industry such as labour & wages. The recommendations were focused to cover few areas of importance such as institutional development, capacity building & skills development, energy planning & policy development, R&D, Monitor, verification & quality development of biomass based energy generation. Research is open to continue with more emphasis on degree of dependency on biomass supply. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.title Identification of key issues related to biomass utilization in Sri Lankan tea industry with special emphasis on regional palntation companies en_US
dc.type Thesis-Abstract en_US
dc.identifier.faculty Engineering en_US Master of Business Administration in Management of Technology en_US
dc.identifier.department Department of Management of Technology en_US 2010-01
dc.identifier.accno 104405 en_US

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