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Iot based smart waste bin model to optimize the waste management process

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dc.description.abstract Waste management has become one of the crucial universal problems at present. The rapid growth in world population, their complex living styles and the rate of urbanization have increased the amount of solid waste produce. Therefore, having a proper monitoring mechanism is a must to manage the situation. This paper suggests a solution to enable the society to automate and optimize waste management process using Internet of Things (IOT) technologies. The proposed solution will notify the user and other authorities when the waste bins are getting filled or when there is an unusual condition inside the bins like having high temperature or high humidity. Users can take necessary action based on the details. Researchers have used the layered architecture to develop this model and the main objective of the project is to gather waste collecting data and inform householders and relevant authorities online. The proposed model provides dashboard, sound and light alerts in the system. en_US
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dc.subject IOT, en_US
dc.subject Smart Bin en_US
dc.subject Sensors en_US
dc.subject Sensor network en_US
dc.subject Waste Management en_US
dc.title Iot based smart waste bin model to optimize the waste management process en_US
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dc.identifier.conference iNCOTeM 2018 en_US
dc.identifier.pgnos p.48-57 en_US
dc.identifier.proceeding International Conference in Technolgy Management en_US

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