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Technology transfers through strategic joint ventures : case study of MAS

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dc.contributor.advisor Jayawardane, A Peiris, DAD 2011-06-22T04:10:43Z 2011-06-22T04:10:43Z
dc.description.abstract MAS, founded in 1987 by the Amalean brothers to manufacture lingerie for Vitoria's Secret has established many joint ventures and grown over the years to become the largest intimate apparel and sportswear supplier in the South Asian region. The study was designed to analyze the joint ventures established by MAS from inception to review the growth strategies of the company, degree of integration of the various strategies and the degree of success in acquiring technology and technology capability development. The Joint Ventures of MAS were reviewed for effectiveness and success of the company through the application of Stage Gate Model, Technology Road Mapping, Value Chain analysis and Balanced Scorecard. Qualitative and quantitative data needed for the analysis was obtained through interviews, company website news, articles and books published on the company. The study revealed that the joint ventures of MAS has facilitated to bring in technology expertise, marketing knowledge and access to certain markets through which the company has grown to over US $ 700 million turnover by 2009 with over 40,000 employees operating 29 world class facilities and 3 design studios around the globe. The study revealed the technology road map of the company's businesses in intimate apparel and active wear, the acquisition and development of capabilities in its business units in design engineering, selling and servicing and R&D in addition to manufacturing as well as the competencies of its value chain through backward integration and differentiation. Study also surfaced reasons for ineffective technology transfers in two joint ventures which have affected the performance of those joint ventures. It is recommended that the company adopts a stage gate model in implementation of joint ventures projects in consultation with technical experts to secure the best interest of the company. It is also recommended to--strengthen the value chain of the company through improvements in capabilities to provide value added services, product design as well improvements in the degree of vertical integration within the company's intimate and active wear business.
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dc.title Technology transfers through strategic joint ventures : case study of MAS
dc.type Thesis-Abstract
dc.identifier.faculty Engineering en_US MBA en_US
dc.identifier.department Department of Management of Technology en_US 2009
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