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Monumentality in the man-made environment: an examination of its manifestations on urban form

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dc.description.abstract In explaining a quality of a certain volume of space monumentality is used as a set of words. That arises generally through a situation where depending an experience is given do comprehend; deep in its happening or in its context Monumentality is a common quality to be produced through a person; an object or a place. Urban monumentality is the quality produced by the features that form Urbanity. The town is given a charged and words appearance by the Urban Monumentality through its urban form. If the correction observed for a long time. The urban form show clearly, the environment and the quality to which human beings are used to "Human want, and all but the most basic needs, are themselves shaped by the urban environment both in its present form and attributes." (Banz, 1970 p.111).This significance is the factor that contains picture and the message of municipality Therefore, knowledge of the urban quality, its recognition proves to be important in, creating the urban model and especially its monumentality The changing of the era, the frame towards urbanity design in the part has happened since it has been a change modeling each different attitude that ever prevailed that it had a direct effect on the frame of mind of the urban context.
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dc.title Monumentality in the man-made environment: an examination of its manifestations on urban form
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