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dc.description.abstract It is evident that there is a correlation between design of buildings and their expressions. According to the way the features of a building contribute variety of meanings can be expressed. But understanding a real expression is needed, to create more meaningful architecture. Most of the people accepted that the function has a very close relationship with the expression of a building. Therefore this a effort to examine whether it is acceptable or not with reference to the traditional principles in Architecture..In Architectural sense 'function' means the performance of an Architectural object. The most of the Architects consider the function as the primary form generating aspect in Architecture. The answer to the common question "what is this building?" is revealed the functional aspect of that building. In here author agrees the common definition of the society. Architecture is capable of giving 'expression.' As the society perceives architecture through visual experiences mainly, these expressions became very important in the environment. The formation of the environment is dependent upon the overall expressions of architectural forms and other related elements. In the process of giving expression various critics are in various views. Some persons say, over all expression of a building is a result of a form that inherited. Some says, it is a result of a shape, the building gains. Inhere what the author explore is the relationship of function with the expression which transmits by a building with special reference to the traditional principles.
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dc.title Function and expression of a building as a combination in architecture
dc.identifier.faculty Architecture en_US MSc en_US
dc.identifier.department Department of Architecture en_US 2002
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