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dc.description.abstract An effective, accurate, reliable and rapid version for the Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning System (IOTWS) is stretches back over several years to integrate with the tsunami forecasting and early warning framework. A brief outline is presented to enhance the capacity to cope with an emergency situation in scientifically rigorous manner. 2005 March, 2007 September, 2012 April etc. false tsunami warnings recall the need for effective implementation of the IOTWS with operational robustness to initiate tsunami mitigation program and to be prepared for future potentially destructive tsunamis in the region. Use common and agreed formats for information exchange, address common service requirements, standard operating procedures and international commitment strive to satisfy the public safety in a tsunami emergency. Develop all elements in order to conduct a tsunami hazard assessment study for a city along the coastline of Sri Lanka, operating within the framework of template for coastal cells in deep water adopted by the RTSP. All material available from the activities of the former Working Group on Modelling, in particular development of data bases along the fault line for tsunami forecasting and deep water modelling was reviewed to study the existing performance criteria of the tsunami warning system by communicating with RTSPs to clarify important issues. Preparation of a Case Study for the port city of Galle will illustrate the capability that serves real time operational needs, hazard/risk assessment needs and research/development opportunities through the use of a standard tsunami forecast system that includes tsunami characterization, measurements and forecast models. This study will be the hazard assessment for the above study. Unfortunately, many people living alone the shore facing climate change impact adversary. This incessant struggle between humans and nature need to be stabilized via short – and long – term approaches. This research provides an excellent cross reference and strong awareness of approaches adapted in IOTWS thus educating a wider stakeholder base on the said approach. en_US
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dc.identifier.department Civil Engineering en_US 2014-08
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