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Framework to implement business process management principles in apparel manufacturing

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dc.description.abstract The Sri Lankan Apparel Industry at present is in the forefront in adapting current methodologies in relation to process improvement. Many organizations have successfully implemented lean concepts, six sigma methodologies and various other philosophies. However, it appears that the implementation of such tools and techniques have often been done in specific areas without taking a holistic view into consideration. Business Process Management (BPM) is an emerging powerful concept which proposes a holistic approach for business process improvement. This research focuses on guiding the implementation of BPM principles to the Sri Lankan Apparel Industry. It targets on three BPM concepts; process orientation, performance improvement and structured approach. The BPM implementation framework proposed by the study executes in three phases where each phase guides in implementing at least one of those principles. Comprehensive literature review followed by industry surveys assist in developing the proposed framework. The proposed framework offers direction to the Sri Lankan apparel manufacturing organizations in transforming the business from functions to processes. The framework further delivers a set of performance improvement best practices suitable for the Sri Lankan Apparel Industry while presenting a lifecycle to follow, when implementing them. The proposed lifecycle encompasses a set of techniques which can be used in executing each step of the lifecycle. The BPM maturity measuring framework embedded with the BPM implementation framework acts as an assessment tool in evaluating the level of BPM maturity that organizations have achieved after the implementation of BPM initiatives. The validation survey proved the effectiveness of the proposed framework against the existing industry approaches in improving and managing business processes, in terms of accuracy, adaptability and performance. The proposed framework focuses on delivering methodical guidance about how process improvement and management efforts should be done, by taking Business Process Management principles into consideration. en_US
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dc.subject Business Process Management, Sri Lankan Apparel Industry, Implementation Framework en_US
dc.title Framework to implement business process management principles in apparel manufacturing en_US
dc.type Thesis-Abstract en_US
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dc.identifier.department Department of Textile & Clothing Technology en_US 2013
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