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Developing the existing queuing system for the banking sector using queuing simulations

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dc.contributor.advisor Cooray, TMJA De SIlva, WMH 2016-01-16T14:49:25Z 2016-01-16T14:49:25Z 2016-01-16
dc.description.abstract Waiting lines occur in many business operations as well as in everyday life. Most service systems, such as fast food restaurants, Banks, gasoline stations, and technical support telephone hotlines involve customer waiting. In these systems customers arrive at random times and service times are rarely predictable. The important issue in designing such systems involves the tradeoff between customer waiting time and system cost, usually determined by number of servers. The analysis of waiting lines, called queuing theory, applies to any situations which customers arrive to the system wait and receive service. The People’s Bank is one of the important governmental banks that plays an important role in the Sri Lankan economy. The customers dealing with servers of general transaction section of Peoples Bank in metropolitan areas suffer and complain from the long times they spend in the bank to acquire their needed service. This happens especially in specific days in each week. This problem was the main motive to perform this study. However, more queuing problems in the bank’s branch have been discovered through the study. The main objectives of the study are to investigate the services delivery system at the people’s Bank in metropolitan areas, and to propose a more efficient system. Analytical methods and simulation methods are used to analyze the queuing systems. Simulation analysis has been used to model the existing queuing system and to enhance the system by using computer simulations of Arena 12.0 statistical software. As the conclusion of this project new working schedule for counters in different days of weeks are presented and find out how arrangement of queues should change. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.title Developing the existing queuing system for the banking sector using queuing simulations en_US
dc.type Thesis-Abstract en_US
dc.identifier.faculty Engineering en_US M.Sc. en_US
dc.identifier.department Department of Mathematics en_US 2015
dc.identifier.accno 108942 en_US

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