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dc.description.abstract Without a doubt the city is the most comprehensive and complex entity created by human civilization. Today it is at its' most developed version, which should not to be a destination. City to be flow with the human civilization in future too. Even though concept of the city is at depth of visual and functional nature, respect to the built environment by its' inhabitance continuously getting down. Failures of the city it self indicate failures of the human civilization. The city to be an urban place, as a place, which had taken the celebration of the civilized society, has to be acquiring the quality of urban or urbanity. Cities to be designed in reacting many factors of social, cultural, topographical and economical nature of the each place, technological achievements of the era, and achieving visual, functional, experiential, environmental and spiritual objectives of the people. In according to the saying of philosopher Ananda Cumaraswamy, no one can sing without song in his or her heart. Architecture as a form of art and creation, should contain a meaning in its' soul. Which is able to communicate feelings with its' users. Meaning of the built environment possible to achieve as visual experience with its' forms, shapes, and interrelationships of architectural spaces either composition of values of the society. Urban space is more complicated and at a larger scale which is not easy to grasp at a glance or the usual ways of experiencing the spaces within buildings. City, as the house of human civilization, comprehensive architectural experience, as a piece of art it should contain message to communicate and the method of communication. Meaning of urban space, explains its' nature of living', and inherent identity, its' birth and the existence, making of its' functionality and efficiency with using maximum usage of human brains, which is the only unlimited resource available. Meaning of the urban space will determine the Behaviour of the user, it consists the activities taken place and interwoven nature of activity patterns as well as natural environment and the cultural context it belongs. In consideration of Sri Lankan city, Colombo and its' urbanization pattern and study about current nature also very similar to most of the cities of the world. It is missing its' identity as well as continuity, and its' glamorous past. Due to miss of order, hierarchy and nature of varying of activities loosing an existence of the city it self. Weaknesses in the nature of the explorative, curious and excitement miss the 'dreams' in future and the direction of civilization.
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dc.title Urban space and meaning
dc.type Thesis-Abstract
dc.identifier.faculty Architecture en_US MSc en_US
dc.identifier.department Department of Architecture en_US 2000
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