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An Analytical study on city characters and their relative influence as determinant forces

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dc.description.abstract sMan builds City and it is the place where man lives. Therefore the city can consider as the visual manifestation of man as an individual as we" as a communal being. In addition, the city as a visual manifestation contains expresses and conserves the inner nature- the essence of the people who live in it. Thus each city in unique in character. If they're going to be a removal destruction or alteration subsequent diminution of quality of lives of it's people. There are determinant factors, which influence the unique character of a city. When a physical structure of a city is developed in a agreement with these determinant factors such as historical, cultural, Geographical, etc... only the gain it's unique character. Those determinants vary from city to city and according to the variation of character expresses that these differences are desirable. Identification of these complexities of character - determinant relation of cities facilities the creation of better city environment. When the physical structure of a city developed in agreement with these determinant factors such as historical, cultural and geographical only, the city gains it's unique character. When the designing of a city and (design within the city) is not methodical or insensitive, that can drastically effect the; a) Evolutionary process of city development, going askew - out of normal usual position and b) Can create disharmony in the society itself or among the people who live in that city. For this reason, there should be a better understanding and identification of the character mutual relationship (co-relation) between the character of a city and the relative influence of the determinant factors, solely for a pleasant city environment and harmony within the city. It is essential that three types of primary city characters and their respective spatial qualities have to be identified first and foremost. Secondly the determinant factors and the manner, they determine the characters are have to identified. Thirdly the validity and applicability of character and determinant factors have to be illustrated using several-selected local context. Finally with the light of above mentioned 3 aspects; have to establish a foundation, a base upon which guide lines can be attributed for a creation of harmonious, pleasent desirable Living Environments with strong characters.
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dc.title An Analytical study on city characters and their relative influence as determinant forces
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