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"Uniqueness of place" as the basis for local planning & design of the built environment

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dc.description.abstract Man began to build to make a better and comfortable surrounding as he lives with the environment. These created environments were best suited to surrounding environments and there were no conflict at all. But the unsatisfied man needed more and more comfort and this resulted in the introduction of technologies and new ways of lifestyles. thus man came to be enclosed in built structures. The relationship between man and environment further diminished day by day. And the creation of built environment became the responsibility of professionals. These persons who create built environment came to be known as architects, planners, urban designers etc. Most of these places taken up by professionals for creating built environments were totally strange places to them. Though their task was to create meaningful places very few could achieve success. The basic problem was lack of coordination and understanding among the professionals of the various relevant fields and the environments. Proper understanding is important as each place is unique and different from each other and each has its own inherent qualities. Therefore for each place should be responded according to its individuality. There fore 'uniqueness of place' is very important to examine. It involves learning lessons from the past of successful experience of quality concern. Present contexts of urban spaces are analyzed and reviewed within their framework as an effort to convenes the important of 'uniqueness of place' as a gesture to make better places for us.
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dc.title "Uniqueness of place" as the basis for local planning & design of the built environment
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dc.identifier.department Department of Architecture en_US 2000
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