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"Reuses" an examination of the concept and its adaptability in contemporary architecture

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dc.description.abstract The past lives in the present and the present in the future, which the concept of reuse always harmonize with present need and future aspirations. Since remote times, man has made use of the concept of reuse. But the change has become the most characteristic phenomenon of our age and the concept reuse also gets changed and evolves with this changing context. In this evolutionary process the use of reuse concept get faded due to the profit-motivated society. Much attention has been given to the concept of reuse in architecture and it has been subjected to greater discussion since it is required by the modem world. Because it has been realized that this concept is a good solution for the problem of unlimited consumption increasing needs. This study thus concentrates on the importance of revitalising the concept and intends emphasize the importance of its applicability in architecture. Therefore it hopes to identify the reuse as a concept and explore its principles under ping the concept in relation to architecture. Finally it will emphasize the need for this concept in contemporary architectural practice, as it is required urgently.
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dc.title "Reuses" an examination of the concept and its adaptability in contemporary architecture
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