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Effects of total quality management on operational performance a case study of scan products division of C. W.Mackie PLC

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dc.contributor.advisor Perera, HSC Kumara, MHAM 2014-08-07T15:04:45Z 2014-08-07T15:04:45Z 2014-08-07
dc.description.abstract This research on Total Quality Management (TQM) is a qualitative study and the empirical data was collected from Scan product Division of C.W.Mackie PLC. The research focuses on investigating the essence and process of Total Quality Management implementation and its effects on operational performance. The study was conducted internally within the organization of Scan Products Division of C.W.Mackie PLC using questionnaire and face to face interviews with both management and low level employees in order to determine how fundamental elements of TQM are perceived by the employees, to be in place in the organization. The conclusions reached indicated that the researched company has been successfully applying the fundamental elements of Total Quality Management for more than five years, based on the performance indicators used to evaluate the performance. However, it was identified that there are areas of opportunity for further improvements, such as improved measurement by involving more groups at all levels within the organization. The results from the questionnaire and interviews further indicated that adoption of Total Quality Management within the Scan is extensive and the majority of the expected benefits in the literature have been derived. The findings further showed that quality is not an extra cost for the company; rather it is a way to increases their operational effectiveness. The better Total Quality Principles are implemented, the fewer products they discarded and better results they achieved in their performance indicators. Hence it was deduced from the research that operational performance can be increased by ensuring proper Total Quality Management practices implemented by a company. This investigation also discusses the need for performance measurement within Total Quality Management framework and furthermore, it argues that the measures must include hard and soft measures and that management and employee perceptive measures should also be sued. The research also identifies a series of concepts under Total Quality Management and the significant benefits it can bring to organization to help them continuously improve accordingly. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.title Effects of total quality management on operational performance a case study of scan products division of C. W.Mackie PLC en_US
dc.type Thesis-Abstract en_US
dc.identifier.faculty Engineering en_US Master of Business Administration in Management of Technology en_US
dc.identifier.department Management of Technology en_US 2010-12
dc.identifier.accno 100828 en_US

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