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An Investigation of the needs and needs satisfaction of the aged in institutional care

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dc.description.abstract The issues associated with an increasing population of the aged have received much attention in recent years in Sri Lanka as well as in many other countries. The importance of these issues has been highlighted by setting up an International Elders Day, which is 01st of October, and an International Elders' Year from 01s l October 1998 to 30I h September 1999. A major part of the investigation described in this dissertation was carried out during the International Elders' Year. In the Sri Lankan context, several factors of comparatively recent origin have contributed to the magnitude of the problem that exists today. The technological and scientific advances particularly in the context of preventive and curative medicine have resulted in enhanced longevity. Successes in education in reproductive health and family planning have resulted in decreased birth rates. These two factors in combination have given rise to a larger proportion of the aged. The competitiveness of society as a result of the diminishing of natural resources and the longing for comfortable life styles have resulted in diminishing of the ability of family members to care for the aged within the family. This situation causes increasingly heavy burdens on society in caring for the aged. In this context, it is very pertinent to examine- the problems of the aged from many angles. The present study focuses on the needs of the aged and the extent to which they are satisfied in Sri Lanka. en_US
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dc.subject APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY-Thesis ; ELDERLY-Institutional care ; ELDERLY-Sri Lanka en_US
dc.title An Investigation of the needs and needs satisfaction of the aged in institutional care en_US
dc.type Thesis-Abstract en_US
dc.identifier.faculty other en_US M.Sc. en_US
dc.identifier.department Department of Graduate Studies en_US 2000
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