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An Examination of the correlation between generators of architecture and significant buildings

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dc.contributor.advisor Senaratna, SMDVN 2011-06-10T04:13:17Z 2011-06-10T04:13:17Z
dc.description.abstract architecture has been considered as inclusive of all forms of building. Although there is no sharp break between what is in the fullest sense architecture and what is not, there is a broad differentiation between architecture and building. Here what I mean by architecture is 'significant building'. Here the meaning of the building is important. There is a meaning in any significant building. This helps to create different significant product in relation to different building types. Therefore there is a separate characters between two types of buildings; because architecture is significant building. But unfortunately this does not happen enough today. Today's architecture has become highly unsatisfactory facing a crisis such as the dilution of architectural values. The architectural solution are not differentiated in relation to different building types. Today it is often impossible to distinguish characters between a cinema and a church. In other wards these do not offer any significant or meaningful built form with varying qualities and expression. There typical buildings have been created instead of significant building. Since senses of human being would diminish. Therefore emotions, human thoughts, desires are deprived and it affects the better lifestyle of human being and people would have to face unsatisfactory situations. As stimulation is very essential to lead a comfortable life. There are certain factors which evoke a particular architecture and some factors which modify or stimulate the resultant product. These evoking factors can be called as 'generators' and those are context, activity, purpose and user. Other modifying or stimulant factors are climate, geography, material construction and technology which can be termed as 'modifiers. Out of these two variables, generators are more crucial due to the fact it involves to create a significant or meaningful buildings. In other words every significant building is created in response to above generators. Therefore, in the creation of architecture, the architect responds to the generators of his choices. The more the architect responds to them, in the correct manner, the higher the level of complexity generated in architecture. So different levels of meanings generated in architecture. Therefore, the reason for the above situation(creation of typical buildings) is lack of understanding of the relationship between generators of architecture and significant building, and also the lack of knowledge of generators of architecture and lack of response to generators. To avoid this situation, the best method is to awake the architects to creates significant buildings, through understanding the co-relation between generators of architecture and significant building.
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.title An Examination of the correlation between generators of architecture and significant buildings
dc.identifier.faculty Architecture en_US MSc en_US
dc.identifier.department Department of Architecture en_US 1998
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